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The Poems of Ossian vs Malvina, or the Heart’s Intuition

Text by Sylwia Grusza I would like to share some details regarding my latest publication included in the 55th volume of Bibliotekarz Podlaski – Romantyzm polski: początki. Spojrzenia komparatystyczne (Polish Romanticism: The Beginnings. Comparative Views). The issue focuses on the beginnings of Polish Romanticism and comparative aspects of literary works from this period. It’s worth highlighting […]

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Rewriting the Past

Text by Lucyna Krawczyk-Żywko The past is textual. It is constantly being read and reread, written and rewritten. De- and reconstructed, it may be deformed and dismissed or reclaimed and made redemptive. Despite the impossibility of its impartial examination, a spectre of objectivity still looms over many an approach to its analysis, just like the fidelity […]

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Literary Criticism as Women’s Rights Activism

Text by Magdalena Pypeć I would like to share some information regarding my upcoming publication: “Literary Criticism as Women’s Rights Activism in Anna Jameson’s Shakespeare’s Heroines” included in Female Voices: Forms of Women’s Reading, Self-Education and Writing in Britain 1770‒1830 (Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté 2022). Here is a brief abstract of the chapter: The chapter seeks to examine Anna […]

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