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Spectres of Gothic Literature: Reflections, Reworkings, Reinventions, Or Warsaw Literary Meetings Rising Stars 3

text by Dorota Osińska Warsaw Literary Meetings have been an integral part of our research. This series of one-day workshops is organised to generate discussions and encourage cooperation among scholars with diverse research interests. Each workshop focuses on a specific theme in the literary and cultural life of the 18th and 19th centuries, examining the […]

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Neo-Victorian Television

text by Dorota Babilas A fascinating online lecture series Neo-Victorian Television, which ended two weeks ago, was organized by the Morphing Culture(s) Research Group at the University of Szczecin and hosted by a good friend of QAQV, Dr Barbara Braid. The 10-part series included talks by: Antonija Primorac on the Imperial Gothic in The Terror, […]

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John Keats Conference 2024

text by Małgorzata Łuczyńska-Hołdys Apart from many other good reasons, there is a particularly good motivation to visit London in May: the annual John Keats Conference, which I have had the pleasure of attending three times by now. The conference is organized by the John Keats Foundation and held at an extraordinary place: Keats House […]

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