Warsaw Literary Meetings Rising Stars

A series of one-day interdisciplinary workshops for young scholars – PGRs, PhD students and ECRs, with the same format as a regular WLM. 

By choosing the form of a workshop, we move away from the traditional conference format. Speakers are asked to prepare and send their papers (up to 30 000 characters) beforehand to all participants. During the meeting each speaker briefly summarises the main points, after which all the participants are invited to take part in a discussion. It is a great opportunity for peer-feedback in a less formal setting.

We cordially invite your supervisors to attend as well.

The first WLM RS was on Body Poetics: The Representation of the Body in English Literature and Culture of the 18th and 19th centuries, and the keynote speaker was Prof. Ann Heilmann (Cardiff University) – see the WLM RS 1 programme.

The second was on Binary Oppositions in 18th- and 19th-century British Literature and Culture, and the keynote speaker was Prof. Laurie Shannon (The Anne Lister Society) – see the WLM RS 2 programme.

Papers presented during the workshop may be published in a special issue of Folio. A Students’ Journal. If your text is selected for publication, please make sure that its final version adheres to these guidelines.

And if you are interested in WLM RS1 papers, you may read them here.

To read WLM RS2 papers, see this special issue of Folio #9.